Metallica is one of the most kick ass bands to have ever walked the Earth, they were even voted as the most influential rock band of the past 30 years in a recent survey. You would think it impossible to make their music boring. It looks like Parker Brothers just made the impossible a reality.

One of America's most popular bored games (oh wait, that's supposed to be "board")  has just received a metal makeover as Monopoly has joined forces with the mighty Metallica. According to the band's website the game will be available at some point next week.

Metallica joins the proud rank of The Beatles and KISS who both have their own version of the game as well. No other details have been released but if the previous band versions of the game are any indication, the game will have players squaring off to collect the band's music and exchanging trivia. I'd say it's safe to assume that 'St. Anger' will take the place of either Baltic or Mediterranean Avenues.