Metallica's 'Nothing Else Matters' is one of their most well known and beloved songs...until now. A tween-age quartet called The Prezcotts have given the hard rock classic the 'American Idol' treatment, in what can only be considered a hate crime against those who are not deaf. Metallic-awful.

The internet has provided us with many different renditions of Metallica songs: some good, some funny, some terrible. The latest one is a hybrid of the latter two conditions. The song actually starts out with potential to be interesting, but prior knowledge that four 9-12 year olds are in the on-deck circle eliminates all hope. As soon as the vocals start, this thing rolls downhill quicker than Chris Farley in 'Black Sheep'.

The only real comedy within comes compliments of the ridiculously serious video, that some poor production guy spent way too much time on, and the decent (but not worthy) guitar solo that sounds like it was recorded on a cassette tape. The attached note from The Prezcott's is pretty funny too:

"Hey Metallica Fans! Here's a version of one of our favorite songs by Metallica...(: It was a hard song to cover.. Especially since it is such an Epic song! But we did our best and tried to bring our own style and spin on it. A special thanks to Yuto Miyazawa for that incredible Solo! This song is Dedicated to all the people in Japan.. Our prayers are still with you..We are huge fans of this song & Hope you Guys Enjoy it!"

No, we didn't...and how dare you dedicate this to Japan, they've been through enough this year without being associated with this turd.