I will admit that we have slacked off at keeping you up-to-date with the sexy drummer Meytal Cohen; but we never forgot her. Due to our 'laziness' we decided to pick some of here best videos that she has produced over the past few months. We love Meytal and what she does; a hot drummer chick rocking out is always a good thing. Take a look at our featured Meytal Cohen videos.

  • 'Best of You'

    Foo Fighters

    Watch out Taylor! Meytal could possibly take your gig if you're not careful; face it, she's way better looking than you.

  • 'Psychosocial'


    Who doesn't like a chick that can rock out some metal on the drums. Meytal doesn't miss a beat covering Slipknot's 'Psychosocial.'

  • 'Master of Puppets'


    I have been a Metallica fan for ages; that being said, I'm sure I'm about to piss off all Metallica fans. Meytal did a killer job covering 'Master of Puppets, she could sit in for Lars anytime -- it's not like he's a very technical drummer.

  • 'Get Up'

    Korn ft. Skrillex

    Best part about watching Meytal play the drums; she always seems like she's having a blast. 'Get Up' just seems like a fun song to play with the dubstep beat.

  • 'Tommy the Cat'


    This is by far one of my favorite videos Metyal has done. To be able to keep up with Les Claypool's weird time signatures and funky playing style is very impressive.

  • BONUS: 'Pull Me Under'

    Dream Theater

    I included this video for the naysayers! I have had people say that Meytal isn't really playing the drums, if you actually know music and listen carefully you can tell that she is always playing the drums. This one proves it with no backing tracks.