Meytal Cohen is not a "household name" when it comes to drummers, but it should be. Earlier today we posted a video of two hot violinist and one hot drummer covering System of the Down's "Toxicity." The drummer's name is Meytal Cohen -- not only is she hot, she can play the hell out of the drums. Meytal was born and raised in Ramat-Gan, Israel and began playing the drums at 18. After serving two years in the Israel Defense Force, Meytal moved to Los Angeles to study at the Los Angeles Music Academy to pursue her drumming career.

Not only are chicks that play instruments sexy -- chicks who can rock the drums like this are "über-sexy!" Check five of her best drum cover songs after the jump.

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    'Tears Don't Fall' by Bullet for My Valentine

    Meytal Cohen (Cover)

    At 160 beats per minute this is one of the fastest song she covers. Her footwork is great on the double bass and timing is spot on. I've always been a big fan of Bullet for My Valentine, watching Meytal do work on this video gave me a whole new love for the song -- and for girl drummers.

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    'Pull Me Under' by Dream Theater

    Meytal Cohen (Cover)

    Dream Theater you ask? Come on, Mike Portnoy is one of the best drummers around, and for Meytal to cover a Dream Theater song only shows her versatility. Just watching her play the drums she makes it seem so effortless, plus you can tell she has a blast doing it.

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    'No One Knows' by Queens Of The Stone Age

    Meytal Cohen (Cover)

    Here's yet another great drummer to cover -- Dave Grohl -- who wrote and recorded the drums for Queen of the Stone Age's Songs for the Deaf. Cohen does another fantastic job covering 'No One Knows' a simple beat with great technical sections.

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    'Two Weeks' by All That Remains

    Meytal Cohen (Cover)

    What would a drum post be with out All That Remains? Meytal kills this one as well -- this is a very techinical song full of triplets across the snare, tom and double bass. Keeping up the 113 beats per minute seems effortless for Cohen; she keeps getting sexier by the minute.

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    'Redneck' by Lamb of God

    Meytal Cohen (Cover)

    Topping of this list from this smoking hot drummer is Lamb of God's "Redneck" full of metal. Coming in at 120 beats per minute -- there is a ton of fast foot work, the quintessential "metal" ride beat -- this just rips your face off. Meytal Cohen you have become a fantasy for all metal boys to drool over when watching you play the drums.