A Madison Heights, MI Applebee's is in hot water after one of its employees served a 15 month old kid a margarita.

Taylor Dill-Reese ordered her son Dominic a kids meal with an apple juice to drink.  The tiny tot never got the apple juice, instead he was served a margarita in a sippy cup.

After a few sips, the child began to talk to the walls and putting his head on the table.   Mommy eventually tried his drink and realized it was a margarita.

Dill-Reese of course notified the Applebee's manager on duty and allegedly the manager just apologized and said he did not know what to do.  Really?  Give me a break!

Doctors say that little Dominic would have died if he had drank the whole cup.  His blood alcohol level was .10.

I know accidents happen in life, BUT in NO WAY DOES A MARGARITA LOOK SIMILAR TO APPLE JUICE.

Applebee's corporate had this to say:

"Obviously any situation like this is unacceptable and we take it very seriously.  We are working with local authorities and conducting our own investigation so we can access exactly what happened".

Speculation right now is the margarita mix was mis-labled.

Luckily the boy will be fine, however very scary.

What are your thoughts?  What if this happened to your child?