Director Michael Bay and actor Mark Wahlberg are strapping on their bulletproof vests and coming to Michigan, as a large portion of “Transformers 4’ is scheduled to be shot in Detroit later this summer.

Of course this isn’t the first time that the director has utilized Detroit to create a Hollywood blockbuster. Bay shot in Detroit, Michigan for 2005’s ‘The Island,’ 2007’s ‘Transformers,’ and 2011’s ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon. However, for ‘Transformers 4,’ Bay reportedly intends to drop a whopping $82 million in to the Michigan area.

The new film has been approved for $20 million in state incentives through the film incentive program, and many infamous local sites will be used in the scenes. “We’re going to be shooting at stages, we’re going to be shooting around the city, we’re going to be shooting at GM a bit,” said Bay.

Incidentally, Bay says he intends to put additional GM cars into the new ‘Transformers,” but admits its nuts how many other car companies want to use his films to market their vehicles. "Every car company has sent cars to the office,” says Bay. “It’s crazy.”

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