It's been quite a year for Mike Vick.  He has been the comeback story of the year for the NFL.  It's not very often a guy misses 2 years at playing QB and then comes back and plays like Vick has been.  Now Vick has publicly stated he would like another dog in the future.  Should he be allowed?Honestly, I'm not a huge animal guy.  I like the animals in my life, but I'm not all that concerned when it comes to animal rights and things of that nature.  I don't think dog fighting is a good thing, but I feel like there are much more important things to be concerned with.  But regardless how you feel about animals, you've got admit, Micheal Vick should get another dog.

I think it's an awesome idea.  First of all, it's in his rights as an American.  Second of all, could there be a better rehab?  Vick needs to appreciate the things a dog brings to a home and there is no better way for him to do that.  He's done nothing but show progress when it comes to his rehabilitation and people get a second chance.  Maybe have some restrictions on what breed he can have, maybe have some animal hippie group come in and do check ups but come on, he's done his time, now let him do what he wants.