Michigan seems to be one of the hot spots in The United States when it comes to refugees.

Obviously refugees are spread out throughout the country but there are some states housing more than others. California is leading the pack with more than 56,000 refugees. According to WNEM,  It's followed by Michigan, Texas, Arizona, New York and Illinois. However, thousands have arrived in places such as Maine, Utah and Nebraska.

Last year was the busiest year when it came to refugee arrivals in the last decade. Most of the arrivals are from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

Everybody has a strong opinion when it comes to this. All I will say is that I believe it's important to lend a helping hand to every human in need not just those in our country.

When it's exposed that aliens (from outer space not the illegal ones) really do exist, the human race as a whole will realize just how important we all are.