Just in time to full take advantage of Craft Beer Month in Michigan, brew connoisseurs across the state can now purchase their favorite sudsy beverages from more boozy venues than in times past.

That’s because Governor Rick Snyder recently signed a bill into law that allows bars and restaurants to sell beer in refillable growlers just like many of the area’s breweries. All an establishment has to do in order to start slinging beer out the front door is simply apply for $100 annual merchants license. What a novel idea – allowing citizens to buy beer from wherever they want. What will they think of next?

By the way, did we mention that July is Craft Beer Month? Well, it is. Beer bellied lifers can rejoice, as this month is a time to reflect on the love between man and craft brew by celebrating everything that is full-flavor with a high alcohol content. Because let’s face it, in some parts of Michigan, beer just helps people stay a little more optimistic about life. How can that be wrong?

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