The student body of a Michigan elementary school is apparently driving the faculty to drink, as authorities say they arrested a school principal earlier this week for driving drunk on school property.

According to reports, Kim Warren, the principal of the Deerfield Elementary School was taken into custody on Monday afternoon on suspicion of driving intoxicated while on school grounds.

Authorities say they were called out to the school after an anonymous caller reported that Warren had returned from lunch drunker-than-skunk (our words, not theirs) and was joyriding around campus. Novi Community Schools Superintendent, Steve Matthews says that he has since placed Warren on paid administrative leave until further investigation into the matter is resolved.

“She’s extremely remorseful and wishes she had made a different decision,” said Matthews. “It’s an extremely sad situation at this point, and our concern is for the staff and students at Deerfield.”

While the extent of Warren’s charges is not yet known, police say that the city prosecutor will be reviewing the case sometime next week. In the meantime, it looks like principal Warren has earned herself a much deserved paid vacation. We’ll drink to that!