Several University of Michigan fraternities were on ski vacations last weekend and there are separate reports of their members damaging two Northern Michigan ski resorts, one of them seeing over $50,000 worth of damage.

A grand total of 3 U of M frats are being blamed for extensive damages at both the Treetops Resorts in Gaylord and Boyne Highlands in Harbor Springs. Oddly enough, all three incidents happened last weekend.

Members of Sigma Alpha Mu -- the only only frat named in the report -- were said to have caused over $50,000 worth of damage during their stay at Treetops Resorts. The two unnamed frats that stayed at Boyne also caused significant damages, but the amount for which was not disclosed.

Based on the pictures they showed of Treetops, it only looked like a couple hundred dollars of damage, maybe a thousand at most. If there's one thing I learned from my time in student housing at CMU, it's that college students lose every property damage case in court and the plaintiff (usually a landlord) gets to name their price. They could claim $300 in damages for a broken door knob and the judge would be like, "It was a college kid? Sounds fair."

I'm sure there may have been some fudging of the figures here (especially if they're showing Doritos crumbs on the carpet as an example of the damages), but trashing a ski resort with your frat bros is still pretty douche-y.