Michigan State Police say a man walked up to a small child sitting on the front porch with her father earlier last week, and shot her execution style in what some speculate was a gutless plot for revenge.

Reports indicate that 24-year-old Raymone Bernard Jackson stepped on to the property of an Inkster apartment complex and opened fire on 2-year-old daughter Kamiya French in front of her father, 34-year-old Kenneth French, because he wanted her death to be the last thing he ever saw. Unfortunately, Kamiya sustained a fatal shot to the head, while her father was wounded.

Police managed to capture 24-year-old Raymone Bernard Jackson, who has since been charged with first-degree murder and torture. “Anybody that feels that they can execute a child in the state of Michigan, we’re going to go after them with everything that we can,” Lieutenant Michael Shaw told The Detroit Free Press.

Some reports called the killing and attack of retaliation, but Lieutenant Shaw says any person who murders a little girl for supposed “street justice” is just stupid.

“I wouldn’t call it retaliation. Retaliation for what? Take somebody’s life away for retaliation? I mean, just to mention that as part of a motive is silliness to me,” he said. “I can’t wrap my head around anything that would make me want to walk up to a small child sitting next to a porch, point a pistol at their head, and shoot them dead. I can’t give you a motive. I can’t wrap my head around that.”

Jackson was assigned a court appointed attorney last week and is expected to return for his second hearing on July 16. No doubt, a judge will have this scum sucker rotting away in prison before too much longer.