Michigan stoners now have a new online publication to not only keep up with the latest news and strain reviews, but one that will also serve as a police watchdog as issues involving both medical and recreational cannabis arise… it is called “Marijuana in the Mitten.”

The website is operated by Steve Neavling, who is also responsible for another local news site, Motor City Muckraker. The site is designed to help keep Michigan marijuana enthusiasts informed about the many facets of the budding marijuana industry.

“We have more than a dozen journalists and reviewers to keep you current on laws, pot strains, new medical uses and unique products. Our pot critics will evaluate Michigan dispensaries, marijuana strains and edibles. We’ll profile interesting stoners, explore healthier ways to smoke and offer a nonjudgmental place to discuss pot,” writes Neavling in a statement published earlier this morning on the website.

“In addition, Marijuana in the Mitten will pursue ways in which hemp can be used for paper, fuel and building material and explore the impact of marijuana legalization in Michigan and how it could help cash-starved municipal budgets.”

One of the publication’s first entries is one entitled “7 Michigan-Made Munchies to Satisfy Any Stoner,” which runs down munchie items like Faygo, Poptarts, and Jet’s pizza.

To check out Marijuana in the Mitten click here.