A Michigan Judge has been disconnected from service, so to speak, because of allegations that he was “sexting” from the bench with a woman he was allegedly giving the old “private counsel” to while she and her ex-husband stood before him in court.

According to a formal complaint filed earlier this week by the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission, Judge Wade McCree has been suspended from duty without pay because of evidence that suggests that he did in fact send sexually explicit comments to Geniene La’Shay Mott, while she and her ex-husband, Robert King, appeared before him in a child support case.

In addition, McCree is also said to have sent text messages to Mott making inappropriate and derogatory comments about other people in his courtroom. "C'mon, U'r talking about the 'docket from hell,' filled w/tatted up, overweight, half-ass English speaking, gap tooth skank hoes ... and then you walk in," McCree allegedly wrote in one text.

McCree, who interestingly enough, was removed from the bench briefly last year after he sent a shirtless photo of himself to an employee of a local Sheriff’s Office, could face removal from office because he knowingly proceeded over case in which he had an on-going relationship with a witness – not to mention, showed her his trouser gavel several times in the judicial chambers.

Man, we’ve seen some dudes get taken to the cleaners for child support throughout the years - and their old ladies weren’t banging the judge! We can only imagine how Mr. King must have felt walking out of court having just been pimp slapped by the judicial equivalent of Fillmore Slim.