A lot of smokers are still complaining that they can't light up in bars and restaurants following the implementation of the 2010 ban of said behavior in Michigan. Lawmakers recently tweeked the law to allow what everyone is already doing anyway -- get the details here.

According to MLive, the Michigan Department of Agriculture have changed the 2010 smoking law, effective immediately, to allow smoking on the outdoor patios and rooftops of restaurants and bars, provided that they aren't serving food or drink in said areas. Resident cigarette smoking expert Chris Monroe had this to say about the new ruling:

"Great! I need a second job to pay for all of these extra cigarettes I'm going to smoke now."

We just hope that they didn't spend too much time or effort on this change to the law, because, as anyone who's been to a bar in Flint knows, we've already been smoking on the patio at our favorite watering holes anyway. Now if they could just catch up to us on the whole Marijuana legalization thing...