Michigan lawmakers are adamant that a pint down at the local tavern should contain no less than 16 ounces of beer. So, they introduced a bill last week aimed at making damn sure that’s exactly what the booze hounds get.

Earlier last week, a bill was proposed that would outlaw local nightclubs, watering holes and other establishments that turn a profit slinging beer from serving, selling or giving away any mug of beer that doesn’t contain at least 16-frosty-ounces.

State Representative Jeff Erwin says that people are being served pints that are undoubtedly less than a pint, and he feels that by permitting this type of false advertising to continue, the law is allowing bar owners to get away with making fraudulent claims.

Erwin along with Representative David Knezek drafted the bill after consistently being served beer that was less than 16 ounces all across Michigan. The two contend that gypping the public at the gas pumps in this manor would cause absolute thunderdome.

Still, the opposition says that the term “pint” is a generic term used to describe a mug of beer and isn’t meant to be taken quite so literally.

However, if the beer drinking citizens just lay down and accept the fact that when they order a pint they're going to get screwed, then where does it end? Consumers are already paying out the proverbial wazoo for every product and service known to man from bottled water to cable television - beer should be where we draw the line.

Perhaps it is time to take a lesson from the United Kingdom: there it is illegal for an establishment to sell a British pint that is less than 568 milliliters – or 20 imperial ounces.