Last call in bars and restaurants across Michigan could soon be 4am.

State lawmakers recently drafted a bill that is scheduled to be voted on in the next few weeks that would allow drinking establishments in central business districts to keep slinging drinks for an additional two hours. Officials say the goal is to make cities like Detroit more comparable to places like Chicago and New York.

Currently, bars and restaurants in Michigan are required to stop selling booze between the hours of 2am and 7am.

If this bill is approved, businesses would be required to purchase a special after-hours permit, costing $10,000 annually, with the proceeds of the fee going to local police departments and the Liquor Control Commission.

As you can imagine, the bill is being met with some opposition from the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police and the Michigan Alcohol Policy Promoting Health and Safety. Officials from these organizations fear that serving drinks for an additional two hours will lead to heavier use of alcohol, more bar fights, and drinking and driving.

We've got news for them: two extra hours on the sauce will also lead to more one night stands. Sounds like a party! Where do we sign?