Michigan residents could have a less than explosive summer. That’s because lawmakers are considering an amendment to the state’s fireworks laws because even though they generated a substantial amount of revenue last summer, they also produced a lynch mob of complainants.

According to the Governor Rick Snyder’s office, some 2,000 calls and email complaints were received last year around the Fourth of July due to a new law allowing licensed dealers to sell more high-powered fireworks that had been previously illegal in Michigan.

Now, lawmakers are faced with having to implement some fixes to the current law as a means for appeasing the masses. The current bill on the table would permit local governments to put special ordinances into place that would prohibit certain fireworks between the hours of 12 A.M. and 8 A.M the day before, on or following a national holiday.

Ultimately, the goal is to give local governments the power to enforce ordinances within their community that will serve to control overnight firework blasts.

"It is so difficult to regulate common sense, but that's basically what we're doing here," said State Representative Harold Haugh. "We've dealt with the sales aspect of it -- and there was a phenomenal amount sold in Michigan -- (now we're dealing with) the issue of consumer uses."

Earlier this week, the new fireworks bill was approved by the House Regulatory Reform Commission and has now been sent to the House floor for final approval.