A Michigan man is lucky to be alive, after a public display of his Second Amendment rights turned into a roadside standoff with police. The incident occurred last month in Kalamazoo when several 911 calls about a man holding a riffle while walking down the street led to authorities swooping in to prevent a crisis.

Now, while it is well within the scope of the law for Michigan residents to carry licensed firearms, the law has a tendency to frown on those who openly pack heat in public. It is for this very reason that 63-year-old Joseph Houseman is fortunate to still be breathing. In fact, we suspect that if his riffle had left his shoulder at anytime, a sniper would have snuffed him out.

However, you have to admire the balls on Houseman, who in addition to asking the SWAT negotiator, “Why don’t you f--king shoot me?” after the officer repeatedly requested for him to put his gun down, but he also grabs his junk, accuses officers of being gang members and may have indicated he was prepared to start a revolution.

The coolest part about this video is not only did Houseman make it out of the situation with his ass still intact, but police didn’t attempt to find a reason to have him prosecuted. “After reviewing the report, the detectives felt the officer was right in taking the gun for safe keeping for that time because of the response they got back from the gentlemen who was walking down the street actually carrying the gun and moving it from shoulder to shoulder, but it wasn’t enough to present to the prosecutor’s office,” said the assistant police chief.

Seriously, this guy could have easily been killed. We strongly advise against these types of demonstrations.