Thou shall not steal – especially a Bible.

Apparently, a Michigan man never attended Sunday school when he was younger, because he is now facing a four-year prison term after pleading guilty earlier this week to stealing a Bible that is believed to be more than 150-years-old.

According to reports, Ronald Huskins II openly admitted to a judge on Wednesday that he is the one responsible for stealing the large Bible, along with a collection of ceremonial ornaments from the Palmyra Masonic Temple during a burglary that took place in the summer of last year.

Representatives from the Masonic Temple say the Bible was printed in 1859 and, up until the time it was stolen from the lodge, it had been used religiously during temple meetings and ceremonies since 1866.

In a case like this, one would think that Huskins’ sentence could be handled with some leniency in exchange for the safe return of the property. Unfortunately, Huskins informed police investigators that the valuable Bible had been stashed in an old refrigerator where it was burned to avoid being used as evidence.

Huskins is scheduled to return back to court later next month for sentencing where it is expected that the judge will likely throw the book at him.