Who let the dogs out? Shoot, shoot, shoot!

A Michigan teen is now mourning the loss of her Chihuahua, JoJo, after a neighbor claiming that he felt threatened by the miniature beast, shot and killed it in his yard with extreme prejudice.

According to reports, the neighbor cautioned the teen to put the dog back inside the house after it was repeatedly left outside to do its business without a leash. Unfortunately, she didn’t listen, and the untimely demise of JoJo soon followed.

"When he saw my dog running out of the bushes, [he said], 'I'm going to handle him myself,' and then I guess my dog had run back up on him again, and he just shot him," said the dog’s owner.

When police arrived on the scene, the neighbor, who did in fact have a permit to carry a handgun, said that the only reason he shot the dog was because he felt like it was attacking him. However, JoJo's owner says that her dog didn’t impose that  much of a threat because of its small size. “He couldn't have felt threatened at all by this little Chihuahua," she said. "The dog is not big at all."

Yet, animal rescue says that it is not the size of the dog that matters, but the way it wears a leash. "If the dog was just simply on a leash to go outside, an owner would have better control,” said Danter Dasaro of Detroit Dog Rescue. “But no matter how this played out, it's an unfortunate situation, and it really shouldn't have happened."

It is rumored that the Chihuahua’s last words were “don’t shoot,” but apparently, the neighbor wasn't fluent in Spanish.