A Michigan judge must now decide the fate of a man that plead guilty earlier last week to the 2013 killing of a prostitute, in which he reportedly spit on her corpse before leaving her in tall weeds in Grand Rapids.

The culprit, 28-year-old Demarco Marquis Carnegie, was set to be tried by a jury when he stepped in the Kent County Circuit Court last week and entered a surprise plea deal, accepting full responsible for the murder and robbery of 47-year-old working girl, Marie Nettles.

Police say that after Carnegie paid Nettles for sex, he strangled her and then dragged her body to a desolate area and left her to rot. However, investigators were able to track him down using a footprint left at the scene and a spit mark on her body.

Carnegie is due back in court on September 3 for sentencing, which could be his last social encounter before being transported to a state correctional facility for the rest of his life.

Some of you may think that the moral of this story is to never spit on a hooker after you kill her, but in reality the message is more like: never take a plea deal where the best possible sentence involves life in prison.

And be careful with prostitutes… some of us need them around!