Remember when you got a bag of weed stolen from you and there was nothing you could do about it?  Well, now a days, if you have your card, you can call the cops and with any luck, sweet, sticky justice will be served.


Down in Warren, Michigan a man reported to police that two masked intruders broke into his house, robbing him of three pounds of medical marijuana and $2,200 in cash.

The burglary happened on Sunday night and according to reports, the victim was both pistol whipped and shocked with a stun gun.  The man was taken to a nearby hospital, treated for his injuries and released.  Police suspect that the assailants knew that the marijuana and money were in the house and were possible associates of the victim.  They also reported the man who was robbed was not very cooperative with investigators.

Michigan medical marijuana has been legal since 2008, but areas of the law are still unclear.  Cases involving stolen medical marijuana in the past have resulted in both returning the marijuana to victims and arrests for not compiling to the laws established by the state.

Source: ABC12