A Michigan man recently held up a female teller outside a bank while she restocked the ATM machine, just so that he could afford to buy an engagement ring for his girlfriend – who also worked at the bank.

Last year, just before Valentine’s Day, the now 22-year-old Ramsey Fakhouri decided the only way to make the long distance relationship work with his Illinois girlfriend was to propose to her. However, he did not have enough money to buy her an engagement ring.

So, he decided the best idea was to round up a dimwitted accomplice and use pellet guns to force a teller with the Bradford National Bank branch in Highland, Illinois into believing that she was at risk of being shot if she did not hand over the $26,000 she was using to restock the ATM machine.

However, even though Fakhouri and his cronies made it all the way back to Michigan without being caught by authorities, his extremely distraught girlfriend sent him a text saying she had witnessed the entire attack. Yet, although she was suspicious that her boyfriend might have been one of the robbers, she was not sure.

Later while showing Fakhouri cell phone photos of the robbery, he admitted that one of the robbers was, in fact, him. He turned himself in to police shortly thereafter. Fakhouri was sentenced last week to six and a half years in prison, which means no engagement -- at least not to a woman.

Love hurts, y’all…but not as bad as sodomy. Get a job and pay for the things you need!