We’ve all heard of puppy love, but a Michigan man is now serving prison time because he let his affections for his canine friends get a little freaking weird. In other words, he literally screwed the pooch – and more than once.

Court records indicate that 37-year-old convicted sex offender Kurtis Peterson was sentenced earlier this week to spend some time in a state prison for the repeated rape of his pit bull and blue heeler.

Documents show that Peterson was first caught by Joyce Yeaw, back in 2010, diddling one of his dogs on his bed. However, after he was caught, Peterson maintained that he was “just hugging his dog” and not giving it a bone, so to speak.

Yet, only two months after catching him pounding his hound, Yeaw caught him again, this time giving the old canine-grind to his pit bull on the living room floor. That’s when Yeaw contacted authorities, which ultimately led to Peterson's arrest.

"He was having sex with the dog, it was disgusting," said Yeaw.

At first, Peterson told police that he was just playing with the dog, but he eventually admitted to becoming sexually aroused after accidentally rubbing up against the animals rear. Yeah, that's not weird.

Peterson pleaded no contest to an “abominable and detestable crime against nature,” and was sentenced on Monday to serve up to 15 years in a state correctional facility.

Here at Banana 101.5, we encourage you to love your animals - just not like this guy.