I do not go to the movies often, but I do know it is not cheap. Just paying for yourself can be expensive, let alone the cost of a family. When you add up the price of the tickets plus snacks, you are looking at a nice chunk of change.

One Livonia man has had it with the price of snacks at an AMC  in Michigan. Joushua Thompson has filed a lawsuit against the movie theater. Thompson (like most people) is sick of being overcharged at concession stands. Get this, Thompson claims he purchased a Coke and Goobers at the Livionia AMC and was charged eight dollars. He bought the same items elsewhere for a grand total of $2.73. Holy Sh**!  Price gouge much?

 Experts believe the case is most likely going to be dismissed, but it has raised some questions as to why prices are so high in movie theatres. The suit is seeking refunds for customers who were overcharged at the theater chain according to the Detroit Free Press. Damn, I don't think I saved any of my reciepts!