Seventeen years ago, a Michigan man was so desperate for tickets to the Michigan-Ohio game that he decided to get a tattoo of the teams’ logo in an unusual place – on the top of his head.

Larry Pietrangelo says the idea was the result of a contest presented by Channel 4 called the Ultimate Michigan Fan. “My mom came up with the idea,” Pietrangelo told The Detroit Free Press. “And she’s forked out $65 for the tattoo on my head."

Although there really is no more diehard proclamation of devotion like permanent ink on a baldhead, Pietrangelo ended up losing the contest. “This guy shows up with a pickup truck, he pours water in the tailgate section, sits in the water and splashes water on himself,” he said. “And whoever did the voting at Channel 4 said he was the Ultimate Michigan Fan.”

However, Pietrangelo does not regret the tattoo. In fact, he says it has become a part of his personality and has spawned a couple of cool nicknames -- M-HEAD and M-BRAIN. “Each one of the tattoos on my body represents a story of my life. And if I would have studied harder in school and learned how to ask questions in grade school and stuff, I could have probably went to U of M.”

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