A Michigan man believed to be a former Nazi soldier who contributed to the genocide of millions of Jewish people during World War II is now dead. John Kalymon, who was 93-years-old, died earlier last month at his home in Detroit due to complications stemming from pneumonia, prostate cancer and dementia, according to his son, Alex.

Kalymon moved the United States from Germany in 1955, where, for obvious reasons, he did not reveal his true history to immigration services. It wasn’t until the Department of Justice got their hands on World War II documents in 2004, indicating that Kalymon was responsible for leading Jewish people in to death camps and killing those who attempted to escape, that he began to run into some trouble.

Although Kaylmon had been under investigation for his suspected role as a Nazi solider since 2010, his attorney, Elias Xenos, says the documents obtained by the government are “extremely unreliable,” and that Kalymon was absolutely repulsed by the idea that he was connected to such activity.

“(Kalymon) never swore allegiance to any Nazi party,” said Xenos. “His own family, and his wife’s family were persecuted by the Nazis.”

Reports from The Associated Press support his attorney’s claims, stating that Kalymon  always maintained his innocence -- arguing that he only performed light guard duty and never shot anyone.

However, prosecutors worked for the past decade to have him deported for war crimes, an investigation that has since come to an end since his death.