Unfortunately, if this story makes you sick, you will still have to go to work.

Michigan lawmakers are working to pass a bill that would prohibit local governments from making it mandatory for businesses to offer their employees sick leave of any kind. The Michigan Senate voted this week 25-13 in favor of the ban, which will now go before the House.

However, while no local governments in the state of Michigan are desperately seeking to implement such drastic measures, Republican driven business is hell-bent on gaining some control over the issue of sick leave.

If the bill is passed, it would prevent local governments from forcing employers to make sick time available that isn’t required under state law.

Yet, the opposition says that by not allowing individual communities to have control over sick leave, it could put the public in danger of catching less than desirable illnesses from the establishments they frequent – restaurants, for example, could make patrons sick if workers are forced to pull shifts while under the weather.

Still, business owners argue that providing mandatory sick is too expensive to make available to employees.