A Michigan man gave his mom a Mother’s Day gift that she will not be forgetting anytime soon – a corpse in the closet.

According to reports, the mother of 21-year-old Alex Jay Adamowictz showed up at her son’s house on Mother’s Day to spend some time with him. However, instead of finding a bouquet of flowers or a home cooked meal, she discovered the body of a man wrapped in cellophane stashed in his closet.

Of course, the idea that her progeny is a cold-blooded killer is not something that sits well with most mothers, so she forced her son to turn himself in to Walled Lake police.

When authorities arrived on the scene, the found that Adamowictz had stabbed his neighbor, 51-year-old John Watson, in the neck and then wrapped his corpse in plastic in order to prevent the smell from permeating throughout the apartment complex.

"It was pretty evident when officers arrived outside the apartment - there was a discernible smell (that was) pretty unmistakable," said Police Chief Paul Shakinas, who then offered his thoughts about the current mental state of Adamowictz’s mom. “I assume finding out there’s a body in your son’s closet on Mother’s Day would be pretty traumatic,” he said.

Adamowictz was arraigned earlier this week on charges of murder. Neighbors were shocked to learn about the brutal incident. “We couldn’t believe it,” said Tyler Watson. “We were speechless when we found out what happened and heard the cops talking. It’s unbelievable, especially on Mother’s Day.”