Apparently Asian Carp are such a huge problem in the Great Lakes that the state has decided to offer up a prize to help come up with an idea to keep them out of our waters.

According to WXYZ, vice president of policy for the Alliance for the Great Lakes, told the Detroit News “We have to try a bunch of different things.”

Asian Carp really do some serious damage to Michigan's tourism economy. These fish can grow to over 100 pounds. They jump out of the water to threaten boaters, out-compete native species for food, and can take over an entire river system.

They're looking for not just Michganders but also people around the world to help come up with possible solutions.

The DNR's website says our $7 billion fishing industry in the Great Lakes is at risk along with water recreation which generates $38 billion in economic activity and the health of the largest freshwater ecosystem in the world.

To find out more about the challenge and how you can help, go here.