While the majority of you are probably gearing up for a short work week, some fireworks festivities and the parties that go along with them, it should be known that police are beefing up patrols in an accelerated effort to take drunk drivers to jail.

That’s right, kids – starting tonight and running through Sunday, Michigan law enforcement agencies are unleashing their “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign, aimed at cracking down on drunk driving during the holiday weekend.

According to the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning, this crackdown is part of a national effort and is being paid for by federal funds. So, no matter how financially downtrodden your town appears to be under - rest assured, law enforcement there will be working just as hard to bust drunk drivers as anyone else in the state.

In addition to state police efforts, Genesee County is high on the list of areas being targeted in this program. In other words, find a designated driver you lushes! No one has the extra cash to bail your drunken butt out of jail this weekend. Be a professional, for chrissakes!