In light of recent martial law in Ferguson, Missouri, communities all across America now fear the possibility of a militarized police attack. Although local law enforcement agencies have been building an impressive arsenal of military weapons throughout recent years, very few people have taken the time to pay attention to this frightening detail or even ask why it is happening.

The truth is, Michigan law enforcement has the capabilities of launching a full-blown Apocalypse Now style attack on citizens at any moment. A recent report indicates that Michigan police are now in possession of $43 million worth of military-grade weapons, which includes mine resistant assault vehicles, grenade launchers and automatic weapons.

Interestingly, this is the type of weaponry the federal government has been giving states for nearly 25 years in order to fight the War on Drugs. That’s right – local cops are getting to dress up like G.I. Joe and unleash a certain level of domestic terrorism against American citizens all because Uncle Sam wants to stop the average pot smoker -- an offense that makes up nearly 50 percent of drug arrests.

Robert Stevenson, executive director of the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police, says that law enforcement needs these weapons to remain on an even playing ground with criminals. “Your police department needs to be as well-armed as the people they encounter,” he said.

Incidentally, we do not know of any marijuana user or even a hard-core drug dealer that has a closet full of grenade launchers and an armored tank sitting in the driveway.

A recent report by the ACLU determined that over militarization of law enforcement has erased the days of officer friendly and forced communities to view cops as the enemy.