Talk about digging your own grave.

Authorities in Michigan say that the “Funeral Bandit” has struck again, and to date, the culprit is responsible for burglarizing nearly 16 home in five counties by targeting families attending funerals, as well as those with pending estate sales in progress. Ok, so he's no Ed Gein, but you have to admit this scumbag is pretty despicable.

In a press conference earlier this afternoon, authorities announced that they believe the suspected bad-taste-burglar to be that of 44-year-old Todd Lloyd Griffin, who they say has been using published information such as obituaries and estate sale notices to locate his victims. Man, that is just dead wrong.

Not only is Griffin currently on probation for larceny, but police say that after conducting a search of his home, due to a possible probation violation, they uncovered thousands of dollars in stolen merchandise that has since been linked back to the burglary victims. That’s what we call being caught dead-handed.

So far, authorities say they have not been able to locate Griffin in order to make a proper arrest, but they feel confident that it won’t be long before he chisels his own tombstone.

Incidentally, friends and family are encouraged to send flowers to the Oakland County Jail.

Update: The "Funeral Bandit" has been caught, details in the video below.