When the subject of prison comes up in social circles, what typically makes most individuals squeamish is the thought of being savagely gang raped. This is because no one considers the possibility of being forced to eat maggots, which is exactly what the inmates of one Michigan correctional facility currently have to contend with.

Reports indicate that about 30 prisoners doing time at the Parnall Correctional Facility are sick as dogs after eating food infested with maggots. Officials with Aramark Correctional Services, the contractor responsible for preparing prison food, say there is no evidence to suggest maggots are what made the prisoners sick.

However, prison officials say maggots were discovered on Friday in the serving line “a couple inches from where the food trays are located.” Of course, it didn’t take long after the critters were found before prisoners began developing symptoms associated with food poisoning, including diarrhea and vomiting.

Incidentally, health officials are having some trouble determining exactly which of the prisoners have food poisoning… mostly because loose bowels and the pukes are also symptoms of prison sex.