A Detroit high school was recently forced to remove brand new bleachers from its baseball field due to a complaint that the seating was superior to those installed on the girls’ field.

Nearly six years ago, a new seating deck for the Plymouth Wildcats baseball field was purchased through the financial assistance of the booster club. The update was made because many parents complained that it was difficult to watch their children play through a chain-lined fence.

However, while the majority of the local high school baseball community welcomed the newly renovated seating, someone was apparently unimpressed with the idea of the boys’ team having better seating than the girls -- filing a complaint with the U.S. Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights.

Unfortunately, there always seems to be one person who ruins a good thing for everyone, and soon the federal agency ruled that the seating must be removed because it was not equal to those being used by the girls’ team.

Obviously, such a petty display of unsportsman-like conduct has Plymouth Wildcat supporters upset with the situation, saying that the girls had just as much of an opportunity to raise funds for new seating as the boys.

Rumor has it the person responsible for filing the complaint recently told reporters, “That’s more like it. Now, this ball field looks like it belongs in Detroit.”