There are plenty of ideas a person can come up with to dress up as for Halloween. Superheroes, classic movie monsters, the ever popular zombie, the list goes on and on. Included in that long list are people who are a bit more creative and sometimes even controversial with their Halloween costumes. You know, the ones that are meant to strike a nerve with people. According to residents in Roseville that's what this Mother-Daughter duo were trying to do when they showed up for the communities annual "Trunk or Treat" at Huron Park Elementary School.

So what was the premise for the costumes that caused this ruckus in Roseville? Well, just like many areas throughout the world and yes, even here in Southeast and Mid-Michigan, there are areas known for its "White Trash" population and Roseville is said to be a part of that list. So that’s what this Mother-Daughter team showed up as for this function, White trash. Well, I guess if the shoe fits, feel free to lace it up and wear it. Stay classy. If you can't, it's all good, because we know, Flint happens.