Michigan may have seen it's first death related to carfentanil, a deadly painkiller used to tranquilize elephants.

The Michigan State Police and Health and Human Services Department are investigating a case in Kent County.

The deadly drug is a mixture carfentanil and heroin and is sometimes found in pill form. There have been a number of overdoes cases in Ohio.

Health department spokeswoman Angela Minicuci says given carfentanil’s likely circulation in the state and extreme potency, investigators anticipate they will see more overdoses related to the drug.

Nikki Sixx who is of course a recovering heroin addict recently talked about this drug on his radio show 'Sixx Sense'. He said, "It just breaks my heart to think that something so deadly… I mean, this is fifty times stronger than heroin, and people don't know what they're getting, and they're dying."

You can see what elses Nikki had to say about the drug, here.