Once a person crosses the line and attempts to diddle someone’s kid, the societal threshold that stands between the label of both criminal and monster is met with an extremely contemptuous jury; one with a verdict that unanimously comes blasting out of the eye sockets of a seemingly divided population of upstanding citizens, junkies and cold-blooded killers - in unison, they will guide the sickened beast to the guillotine.

However, it is the nature of the crippled beast to retaliate as a means for its survival. Luckily for us, these fiends are usually too damn stupid to keep swinging for very long – just ask the Detroit Police Department.

Earlier this week, officers set up a sting operation as a means for apprehending an alleged sexual predator in the area. Yet, when police attempted to arrest the culprit, he unleashed a firearm and threatened to shoot. Of course, this did not set well with one of the officers, who immediately opened fire on the degenerate – hitting him in the junk and nearly turning him into a eunuch.

The alleged predator was arrested and taken to a nearby hospital where he was treated for a gunshot wound to the groin. Incidentally, once the wild-eyed pederast was taken to a recovery room, he made a brash attempt to escape captivity through the ceiling. Unfortunately for him, his instinct to flee was no match for his lack of common sense and incredibly fat ass. Police arrested the man again after finding him stuck in the wall between the bathroom and the recovery room.

From the sound of it, the boys in the Michigan Department of Corrections will be having fish for dinner very soon.