They say everybody gets a second chance, and in the case of Spartan Basketball star Derrick Nix, they'd be right. The Michigan State Athletic Department and Spartan Head coach, Tom Izzo have suspended Nix for a week, but the returning senior will not be released from the team. Check out the details.



This all started about a week ago, right at the same time all the Lions were getting busted.  21 year old Michigan State center, Derrick Nix was arrested during a traffic stop, where Nix admitted to police that he had been smoking marijuana.  The charges were dropped to driving under the influence this week and the Spartans announced their punishment today.

Sparty head coach, Tom Izzo, was disappointed in Nix, but felt like cutting him from the program would be the wrong decision.  Izzo hopes to work with the young man, to help him make better decisions in life and to maximize his potential.  Izzo was quoted,

I sure don’t want anyone walking away thinking there will be nothing done, I’m going to definitely make life miserable for him because I want him to be successful.

Nix, himself seemed remorseful and genuine in his apology.  I can't act like he's the first college athlete to screw up and young people deserve another chance.  I think Izzo is going a little soft with a week long suspension, but it's the right call to keep him on the team.  Especially if you're a Sparty Hoops fan, because the Big Ten is going to be wide open next year.