There were plenty of teachers that I wanted to see naked in high school, hell, I even would have thrown some singles their way.  But most teachers aren't strippers, unless you're Susan Brennan, mother of three and dancer of laps.  Find out why she's suing the school district she used to work for.

Times are tough here in Michigan, many people are forced to take a second job just to make ends meet.  West Ottawa Public School teacher Susan Brennan is one of those people, but instead of picking up a low paying, hourly job, she decided stripping would bring home more money. Her and her since divorced husband were in danger of losing their house and Brennan was on injury leave from the school, not bringing in enough money and in a tough position.

Brennan stripped in both Grand Rapids and Lansing in 2006 and called the experience as the "most disastrous, most humiliating, and most damaging mistake of my life, one that I will regret for the rest of my life."

Brennan returned to work the following school year, in which time she divorced her husband.  4 years later in 2010, the West Ottawa School District received a call from Brennan's ex-husband's current girlfriend, who tipped off the school to Brennan's brief time as a stripper.

After the accusations were made, Brennan claims the school did everything in their power to push her out the door, including giving her unfair bad evaluations, accusing her of negligence and ignoring district policy.

Brennan claims not only are the accusations false, but she is also claiming she is being treated differently from male teachers who are accused of the same infractions.

Source: WOOD TV 8