Some Michigan kids on their way to class this morning got a bizarre sex education course when they spotted a man getting his freak on with a dog in an alley between a couple of vacant buildings.

According to reports, a few students on their way to summer school classes at Denby High in Detroit unexpectedly caught a deranged man having sex with a pit bull. The kids captured the whole rotten incident on their cell phones, and immediately showed the video to school security when they got to campus.

When police arrived at the scene, they found the man naked and sitting on the ground in the vicinity of the gruesome occurrence. However, when a female officer approached him, he attempted to attack her but was quickly subdued.

Authorities soon discovered that in addition to raping a dog in broad daylight, the man had also tried to break into a stolen car, which apparently caused him to suffer several lacerations to his head.

Upon contacting the man’s brother, authorities were informed that the culprit suffers from mental disorders as well as drug addition. He is now being evaluated at St. John Hospital.

Incidentally, while the female officer did not suffer any injuries, she did reportedly collapse on the scene due to extreme exhaustion from working overtime.