Concussions have been all over the news recently, with multiple former football players suffering from the lingering effects of the brain injury. A new study done in Michigan has recommended a radical way to reduce concussions in young athletes, by banning high school football.

Most current and former football players will tell you that the risk of injury is just a part of the game.  The NFL, NCAA and organizations across America have been taking steps to reduce the risk of the traumatic brain injury, but for some, those steps have not been enough.

A concussion is a medically defined as a minor traumatic brain injury, usually occurred after the head is either stuck by an object or strikes an object.  Short term side effects can include severe headaches, nausea, loss of alertness and susceptibility to future brain damage.  Long term, the brain damage can lead to a loss of cognitive skills, emotional instability and problems with memory.

In order to protect children from the risk of concussions, a new study done in Michigan has called for a ban of tackle football in youths below the age of 16.  The study claims that brains that are not fully developed suffer more severe trauma and tackle football is the main culprit in concussions in children.

No law makers or legislators have backed a plan to outlaw youth football, mostly because it would be political suicide.  America loves football and most are willing to accept the risk of concussions as long as they get their gridiron fix.  As a former high school football player, I was diagnosed with two concussions and so far, I haven't had any long term effects from them.  The study raises an interesting question though, what is more important, protecting the next generation or having the right to do what we want with our bodies?

Source: MLive