In an attempt to crack down on issues with disorderly conduct, a Michigan suburb has decided to start issuing citations to residents who feel the f---ing need to swear in public.

According to f---king reports, Brighton, Michigan recently passed an ordinance making it a f---ing crime to curse on the city streets. Police Chief Tom Wightman recently told the Livingston County Daily Press and Argus that while his department doesn’t intend to single out every resident that slips an F-bomb, they plan to keep a watchful eye out on the f---ing s--- starters in the neighborhood.

Recently, 19-year-old Colin Anderson was issued a f---king $200 fine when he allegedly said a curse word in the vicinity of a playground. He eventually challenged the ticket in a local court, but f---king lost.

“The Brighton Police Department is particularly committed to the protection of young children who are attempting to enjoy our wonderful downtown park and playground,” said Wightman. “Older teens and young adults who choose to ‘hang out’ near the children’s area need to know that their conduct will be carefully scrutinized.”

Some local residents feel the no cursing ordinance is a good policy, while others think it's just a crock of s---.