When Michigan initially passed the approval of medical marijuana, you knew there was going to be some legal complications. Now. thanks to a Michigan Supreme Court ruling, Genesee county dispensaries may be dealing with a legal headache.



It's kind of mind blowing that people can walk into a store and buy marijuana, but thanks to dispensaries located through out the state, you can do just that.  For now at least, as a the Michigan Supreme court is reviewing a case to shut down such businesses for being a public nuisance.

The case stems from Isabella County, where in August of 2011, a 3 judge panel ruled to shut down Mount Pleasant dispensary,  Compassionate Apothecary, based on patient-to-patient sales.


The ruling will hopefully serve as a clarification of existing laws and it doesn't seem like medical marijuana is in danger, just the way it's distributed.  Lapeer County Prosecutor Byron Konschuh, claims the issue isn't in caregiver-to-patient relationships, it's when patients starting selling to each other, which happens at certain dispensaries.  Other prescription drugs are not permitted to be sold on a patient-to-patient level and Konschuh claims marijuana should be no different.

"They want to treat marijuana as a medicine and share it socially, like a beer," he said. "Either you're using it as a medication or it's a social thing."


Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton claimed the dispensaries within county limits will be permitted to stay open, unless they become declared a public nuisance.


It's a complicated issue, and I'm sure there will be more chapters that unfold in the story of Michigan Medical Marijuana.