After a Michigan SWAT team conducted a “no knock” raid last week on an innocent family, then gave the two frightened children stuffed animals as a consolation. However, the parents say toys are not enough to make up for the trauma their family endured.

Last Thursday, police in Kalamazoo kicked down the door of the Handley family in search of cocaine, weapons and a man named “Chum.” Yet, instead of raiding the house of a drug dealer, they actually busted into the dwelling of an average family, sending two small children running in terror for a bedroom closet.

“We were staying quiet, because we thought they were bad guys coming in,” seven-year-old Brenden Handley told WWMT-TV.

In the end, the search would last three hours, and police did not find any illegal contraband. The Handley’s say the police apologized and gave their kids a couple of stuffed animals, but their door is still busted and their children are having nightmares.

The family is hoping the police will pay for a new door and counseling for their children.