There is no greater party foul imaginable than rearranging a friend's face with a handgun while trying to convince him to play a drunken game of Russian Roulette. Unfortunately, that is exactly what Michigan police say happened last weekend at an under-age social gathering in Ottawa County.

According to police reports, several teenagers were hanging out at a parent’s home, smoking marijuana and drinking beer, when 18-year-old Richard Mack Usher started waving a .22 caliber pistol around and talking about how much fun it would be to play Russian Roulette. Yet, an evening of teenage rebellion and a itchy trigger finger brought the party to a screeching halt after Usher pointed the gun at 16-year-old Brandon Kuiper and shot him in the face.

“They were having a little get-together in the downstairs bedroom,” said Lieutenant Mark Bennett. “They had some beer and a little marijuana. They were partaking in the substances and playing around with the handgun.”

However, police say that after talking to witnesses, they didn’t find any reason to believe that there was any bad blood between Usher and Kuiper – the shooting was simply the accidental result of horsing around with a loaded firearm, according to the report.

“That’s what our investigation is showing at this time,” said Bennett. “It revealed there were previous incidents of this type of horseplay. Those incidents were not reported to police until now.”

Usher was arrested and charged with attempted manslaughter and felony firearms possession. Police say that while a 16-year-old boy being critically injured by a bullet to the face is tragic, they must now focus their concerns on how a group of underage teens was able to get their hands on marijuana and beer.

Note: Playing Russian Roulette does not make you a badass - it makes you an idiot! Instead, try taking a weeks pay to the horse track and putting all of it down on a 50-1 long shot. If you're looking for an adrenalin rush that could ruin you, that ought to do it. The good new is - win or lose - you get to keep your face!