A Michigan thief apparently riddled by guilt for a crime he committed over 30 years ago has attempted to make good on his indiscretions by returning the money with interest.

Earlier this week, the Barry County Sheriff’s Office says they received an anonymous letter along with $1,200 in $100 bills to be used to pay back the money that the thief says was stolen from the Middle Mart during a burglary that took place over three-decades ago.

While authorities say the letter was obviously written by a person with little education, they were socked to receive such an emotional outpouring from a criminal hoping to make things right with the person they had wronged.

"Anyways, I did a very bad thing that I am shamed of and have lived with this guilt," said the anonymous writer. "I can't begin to say how sorry iam but have lived with this guilt too long…If you do find him, please tell him that I was afoolish stupid man when I did that and iam sorrie."

Authorities say the note was not signed and there was no return address to be used to track down the culprit who had been living looking over his shoulder probably ever since the day he committed the crime. And while it has been confirmed that the store, now Greg’s Get-N-Go, was burglarized in the 1980’s, police say they do not intend to open the investigation because of the length of time that has gone by.