The town of Delton, Michigan is disgusted with the local police department over recently allegations claiming officers beat the hell out of Tujax Tavern owner Jack Nadwornik earlier this summer after they caught him urinating behind his bar.

Reports indicate that Nadwornik returned to the bar the evening of May 10 after going out drinking with some friends to celebrate his 58th birthday. Not wanting to unlock the bar, he decided to step behind the building to relieve himself before driving home.

Officers approached Nadwornik as he was zipping up his pants, and then gave him the beating of a lifetime after they said he resisted arrest, which a witness claims did not happen.

Officers broke Nadwornik’s arm with a police baton, kicked him in the spine, and bloodied his elbows trying to handcuff and put him in a patrol car.

To learn more about this tale of police abuse watch the above video.