A Michigan woman went before a judge today, after police say she killed and dismembered her son and spread his remains across multiple rural areas.

According to a report in the Detroit Free Press, 59-year-old Donna Scrivo was arraigned today for the “disinterment and mutilation” of her 32-year-old son Ramsay, whose remains were discovered last Thursday scattered across China and St. Clair townships in multiple garbage bags.

Earlier last week, Scrivo filed a missing person’s report on her son; however, police soon suspected she was the killer after they received multiple reports of a heavyset, middle-aged white women suspiciously dumping trash out of her SUV. In the end, surveillance footage from a nearby store implicated Scrivo in her in the murder of her son.

“This certainly isn’t what we expected,” said St. Clair County Sheriff Tim Donnellon. “It was very unsettling to think a woman had dumped body parts on the road in the middle of the day. To me, that just screams panic, not real well thought out.”

Earlier last year, Scrivo filed a mentally ill petition to have her son committed -- it was denied. Reports indicate that Scrivo was living with her son while work was being done on her house.

Police say they have not established a motive for the murder.